Leading providers

Levitt-Fuirst’s Private Client Group has grown into one of the leading providers of personal insurance for the high net worth family. We have extremely strong relationships with the leading insurance carriers in this market, including ACE, AIG, Chubb, Firemans Fund, Hartford, Pure, and Travelers. Levitt-Fuirst is honored to be a key partner with Chubb and has been awarded their Cornerstone Agency status.

To serve our client’s unique needs, we provide value-added services that no other insurance broker in the area provides. These include:

  • Videotaping client’s homes so they have a permanent record of their contents and collections
  • Providing free inventory management software for clients that want to keep track of their art, jewelry, or wine collections
  • Annual reviews of insurance portfolios

Family Offices

Families with significant assets are increasingly turning to Family Offices to manage their personal finances.  The Levitt-Fuirst Personal Lines practice works extensively with Family Offices, not only in supporting their mutual clients, but also in providing insurance to protect the Family Office itself.

Personal Insurance Considerations for High Net Worth Individuals

Are you properly insured for a “worst-case” personal liability scenario? Has your umbrella/excess liability policy been evaluated, relative to your net-worth and your personal exposures?

Has your insurance been analyzed for gaps between your liability policies and your umbrella/excess policy?

Do you have a full-time nanny, housekeeper, or other domestic help? If so, do you have the proper state-required insurance for these employees? What if you pay them in cash, or if they are not U.S. citizens? Does your insurance carrier offer background checks on your (perspective) employees?

Sometimes, employer-employee relationships go bad. Are you insured for claims by domestic employees for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, etc.?

If you perform a construction project on your home, do you know how to properly insulate yourself from liability claims arising from your contractors’ work (e.g. a worker incurring injury from falling-off a ladder)?

Do you work from home? If so, special coverages may be available for your home-based business, but certain policy endorsements may be required.

Are your valuable articles properly insured? What if the price of gold or diamonds spikes just before your loss? Have you taken your estate planning goals into consideration when insuring these items?

Do you travel often? Internationally? Do you have access to an insurance carrier-provided VIP service that can provide travel advisories in advance of departure, or emergency medical evacuation and transportation to qualified doctors and hospitals?

If your home is destroyed by fire, does your policy guarantee its replacement, regardless of cost? Does your policy allow you to rent a home of similar kind and quality, for as long as necessary to rebuild your home?

If your home is destroyed, will you remember everything you own? Does your broker provide video-taping of your home contents, so that you’re not forced to rely only on the memory of your possessions during the difficult aftermath of your home loss?

Your home can be flooded, even if you don’t live near water. Are you covered for a Flood? (Most homes aren’t). Where there’s water, mold often follows… are you covered for mold?

If your mountain vacation home is in the path of a wildfire, will your insurance company pay to protect your home BEFORE it burns?

Newer and renovated homes have complex audio-video and mechanical systems (many driven by micro-processors), as well as expensive pool and spa equipment. If these systems are damaged by a power surge or lightning strike, will your insurance pay to replace them?

If your car is totaled, does your insurance pay for the “Blue-Book” value, or will you receive the full “Agreed Value”? Will your insurance pay to rent the same kind of car for as long as it takes to repair yours?

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How Do You Know You Have The Right Insurance Broker?

Is your method for selecting your insurance broker (or carrier) more like selecting between two gas stations, or more like selecting a doctor for you or your loved-ones?

Does your insurance broker take the time to understand your business and/or personal insurance goals and priorities?

Do you have a personal relationship with your insurance agency’s principal[s]?

Does your insurance broker have a knowledgeable, available staff that responds promptly to your questions in a language you can understand?

Does your insurance broker have access to top representatives of insurance companies when negotiating and/or facilitating a claim settlement on your behalf?

Does your broker hold appointments indicative of a respected reputation within the community?

Does your broker offer special programs, which can provide broad coverages at discounted rates?

When did you last receive an in-person review of proposed and/or renewal insurance?

How well do you understand the insurance that protects your home, valuables, personal liability, and your business? Has your broker taken the time to explain what is covered (AND what is EXCLUDED?) Examples:
  • If your house is destroyed by a tornado, and the price of contractors and materials doubles as a result, does your insurance guarantee to pay for the full replacement cost of your home?
  • If your (your wife’s) diamond ring falls down the drain at a restaurant, the same night that diamond prices increase by 50%, will insurance pay for replacement ring?
  • If you and a family member are in your personal auto, and you are seriously both injured after being struck by a drunk driver who does not have insurance, how will your insurance respond?
  • If you are sued by an employee for sexual harassment or age discrimination, are you covered?
Have you ever received options for your insurance renewal, along with a side-by-side comparison chart of key coverages?

If you’ve hired a contractor to do work at your home or business, has your broker explained what documentation you should collect to protect from liability claims arising from injuries to the contractor’s employees (hint: if you think it’s just the insurance certificate, you’re wrong).

If you called your insurance provider at 2AM on a Sunday because your house was on fire, with whom would you speak: “Jake from State Farm” or someone with whom you have a personal relationship?

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